We deliver solutions daily.

Great international mill relationships.  An extensive grade lineup.  Paper Management programs.
It adds up to increased Value and ROI for your company.

At Ambrose, we deploy a unique 3-stage process to maximize savings on your paper purchasing.  At its core, this program is the most comprehensive, low-cost paper supply model in the industry.  During the initial analysis phase, we review your program for proper paper application, as well as an evaluation of weights and grades to ensure you’re always using the right paper for each job.

Next, sourcing and financing takes advantage of Ambrose’s position as a market leader, using consolidation and volume purchasing, our exclusive international mill relationships, and customized financing models to maximize savings.  Finally, during the execution phase, the experience and expertise of the Ambrose Customer Service staff is really brought to bear.  Savings are achieved via streamlined administration, reducing waste factors and inventory cost recovery, and by utilizing a customized billing process to improve cash flow.

All of this leads to guaranteed savings for our customers, and a Customer Service experience that only comes with over 35 years of experience as the Leader in Paper Management.

“Ambrose’s customer service staff is the best we’ve ever worked with. They make our job easy.”

–William C

Businesswoman with headset smiling at camera in call center